Reservation Policy

For 2017-2018

Luncheons are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise stated.

Please read the Carlisle Barracks Spouses’ Club reservation policies prior to making a reservation.

Deadline:  All reservations and cancellations must be received by 12:00 noon the Wednesday prior to the luncheon.  Please include your full name, if you have any food allergies we need to be aware of, and your phone number (in case we have any questions).

Cancellations/No Shows:  If you cancel after the deadline or do not attend (no show), you are still responsible for the cost of your meal.   Further, you will be unable to attend another luncheon until payment has been received.

Guests:  If you bring a guest, please give us their name so we can provide a nametag.

According to the CBSC Constitution, Article III-Membership Section 6 – “All members have the privilege of bringing guests to CBSC functions, unless otherwise specified.  However, no person – other than a relative or bona fide houseguest who is ineligible for membership – shall be admitted as a guest to any CBSC function more than once during the same CBSC year.”

Nametags:  Please wear your AWC social nametag.  Nametags can/will be made for anyone who doesn’t have a social nametag.