Meet Our Board

Honorary Board

  • Honorary President (Martha Kem)
  • Honorary President (Janet Martinez)

Volunteer Opportunities

We are still in need of a few talented and passionate volunteers to join our 2017-2018 CBSC Board.  If you are interested in one of the available positions as noted here, please contact the for more information on position descriptions, estimated time requirements and meeting information.  We would love to have you!

Executive Board

  • Advisor (Kristy Cormier)
  • President (Kate Sullivan)
  • 1st Vice President (Jennifer McDougall)
  • 2nd Vice President (Elsa Bennet)
  • Parliamentarian (Jennifer Gilliam)
  • Secretary (Laura Greenway)
  • Treasurer (Sarah Parker)

General Board

  • Auction Chair  (Rika King)
  • Community Liaison (Taeko Shibasaki)
  • Duck Derby Chair (Kett McAfee)
  • Historian (Available)
  • Hospitality (Melanie Bradford & Maureen Henne)
  • IF Liaison (Dini Intini)
  • Membership (Julie Desaulniers)
  • Outreach (Sheila Goddard & Ivonne Willis)
  • Webmaster/Publicity (Mandi Love)
  • Reservations (Karen Moseley & Brett Axelberg)
  • Retired Spouses (Maggie Landis)
  • Scholarship (Jenny O’Rourke)
  • Student Representative (Tara Mower)
  • Touristas (Kowanda McBride)
  • Vendor Coordinator (Sue Bower)
  • Ways & Means (Available)