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Hello & welcome

Hello to our new and potential Members!

September is upon us…. Children are back in school. From Kindergarten to universities across the globe, our students are busy learning and playing. This seems like a great theme for this month’s notes.

The CBSC started September with over 200 members from all over the US and the world.  We are so fortunate to have such a diverse and interesting membership, with over 30 countries and 15 languages spoken.

Our first opportunity for FUN is an evening function similar to our SUPER SIGN UP. For potential members who work or have other commitments during the day, we will host an informal evening gathering on Wednesday the 14th of September from 1730-1930. For more information, please email cbscpresident@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook. (Due to this event being at a private home, the address will not be published on this page.)

Our second opportunity for fun and learning will be at our monthly luncheon on Wednesday September 21st, with vendor shopping starting at 1030, and programming at 1130. This month’s theme is “WELCOME TO WONDERLAND” and features a fun and interactive presentation from the Cumberland Valley Tourist Bureau with the top things to do in our area this fall! You can make reservations here.

Lastly, our Touristas, Keri and Sheila, have given us the opportunity to take in some of Central Pennsylvania’s best sights with a year’s worth of great trips.  See what they have planned for us here.

I hope that you have settled into your new home here in Carlisle. We are so very happy to have you here- either for the year, for a while, or forever. Take the opportunity this fall to explore all the wonderful sights and sites here in central Pennsylvania. Buy or pick some apples, enjoy what seems like pumpkin flavored everything, hike the “App” (Appalachian Trail), get one last kayaking trip in with Outdoor Recreation! And don’t forget to join us at one or all of the events above.

Yours in service and sisterhood,

Kerri Beckert

Committed to improving our community through fellowship, stewardship, and education.

About CBSC

Our membership opportunities are inclusive and diverse.  We welcome spouses from all backgrounds and encourage community partnership.

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Nothing tells our story as well as the pictures from our fun and engaging activities.  Visit our photo gallery or find us on Facebook to see what we’ve been up to since we last saw you.


This group meets monthly to explore interesting historical, cultural and regional points of interest.  In the past, they have toured the Governor’s mansion, sipped vino at local wineries, attended flower shows and learned more about the Amish lifestyle.


We strive to publish a monthly digital newsletter to inform our members on current and upcoming activities and encourage participation. Look for the first 2016 newsletter later in the fall.


It takes commitment, talent and care to serve on the CBSC Board.  Our current board still has open positions for the 2016-2017 board year.  We need your skills and great attitude to make this year successful.  If interested, contact our President, Kerri Beckert.


No  matter your area of interest, the CBSC has something for everyone.  Our monthly luncheons are a chance to make new friends and connect with area resources in a fun environment.  We have numerous sub-clubs based on participation, leadership and interest.  Don’t see something you want? You can always volunteer to start a group.

Community Outreach

The CBSC conducts approved fundraisers throughout the year to support both education and community outreach by awarding annual scholarships to qualified military-connected students and grants to deserving community organizations.  Applications for scholarships will open December 1 and outreach grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

You should also know…

Our regular luncheons are generally on the third Wednesday of the month unless that conflicts with school breaks or holidays. We also have evening functions and activities which may vary from month-to-month.  Our current event schedule can be found here.

Get in touch now

We want to hear from you with questions or concerns.  Feel free to submit a contact form and one of our board members will respond as quickly as possible.  Please remember that we are all volunteers and we appreciate your patience as we respond.  You can also message us through Facebook.